Saturday, March 25, 2006

Creative Airplane Seating

Plane Subterfuge by Bjork

Tired of getting bumped from flights which are supposedly filled, when you know for sure there are plenty of empty seats, but the airlines computers are so screwed up they haven't a clue?

Me too.

Some young lady so desperately wanted to attend the recent movie/rock/SFSX week in Austin took matters into her own hands, with hilarious results. I'd say the gatekeepers should be disciplined, and she should be given a medal.

AUSTIN, Tx. -- A Chicago woman accused of stowing away on a plane to attend the South by Southwest Festival faces a federal charge.

Catherine "Cat" Chow, a 33-year-old artist, was on the standby list for a flight from St. Louis to Austin, booked through American Airlines. When she found out the flight was full, Chow snuck past gate agents, boarded the plane and hid in the bathroom, authorities said.

When a passenger knocked on the bathroom door, Chow took the man's seat. When his wife made her move, she took another seat. After she was forced to move again, a flight attendant discovered her, court documents said.

An agent with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force was called to the airport. Airport police also were waiting for Chow when the plane landed.

Chow told authorities she "knew what she did was wrong, but wanted to meet with her friends in Austin . . . to participate in the South by Southwest activities," documents said.

Airport police said they found marijuana and six antidepressant tablets without a prescription label. Chow was charged with boarding an airplane without permission, a federal crime, and two state misdemeanors, possession of marijuana and possession of a dangerous drug. Chow was being held in the Travis County jail on a $3,000 bail.

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