Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Video: Across America in Just Five Minutes

As Gadling says:Amazing. Freelance photographer Brian DeFrees took a two-month road trip across the United States and wanted to turn the project into something creative at the end. The result? This five-minute video. The project started August 8 in Syracuse, New York and ended October 1 in Syracuse. The original video? Nearly two-hours long. The edited version - five minutes, fourteen seconds. How did he do it? Simple, really - he strapped a camera to the windshield of his Honda and set it to take a photo every five seconds. This is the result. For more information, check out more info on The Huffington Post or DeFrees' website.

Travel Inspiration from an Ad

Earth from G Adventures on Vimeo.

Today's Video of the Day is an ad for a company called G Adventures that encourages viewers to get out and see "why Earth is the universe's #1 travel destination". The short piece does a beautiful job of illustrating some of the moments that beg us to travel, tailored to pull at the heartstrings of the crowd that doesn't want to be part of the crowd.Thanks Gadling!