Monday, January 10, 2005

Editors with Issues

Editors on Ego Trips

If editors were secure in their issues of self worthinness, they would just call themselves "editors" and get on with their lives. But's their self gratifying titles as announced at some upcoming all important seminar:


"A selected group of travel writers gathers annually for the popular Travel Classics writers conferences, which have been held for more than a decade in New York, and in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The big news for Spring 2005 is the first Travel Classics Europe conference, April 21-24, in beautiful County Kerry, Ireland, with the sponsorship of Tourism Ireland and Aer Lingus. Hosted pre- and post-conference travel will be offered.

Keynote speaker will be Mark Orwoll, Executive Editor/International, American Express Publishing and Senior Consulting Editor of Travel + Leisure magazine. More than a dozen assigning editors from top international magazines will attend, including:

-Keith Bellows, Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic Traveler

-Gary Walther, Editor-in-Chief of Spa Finder

-Dana White, Executive Editor of Golf for Women

-Patti Verbanas, managing editor, Art & Antiques

-Susan Moynihan, travel editor at Modern Bride

-Delia Orlando, managing editor, Four Seasons

-Lisa Gosselin, editor-in-chief, Islands

-And 4 more assigning editors, including the new editor of the monthly London Times Sunday Travel Magazine

Fuck em. Fuck all of them. The only person on the above list that I respect is Susan Moynihan, who has the humility and tact to call herself a "travel editor." The rest of you girls need to grow up or find another profession.

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