Sunday, September 5, 2004

Travel Writers Sites Ranked by Google

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Written Road Blog -

Travel writer and editor Jen Leo share how to break into travel writing via market leads, how to market yourself and editor lists. -

The mission of this site is to be an up to date source of market information, tips on improving your writing, and a guide to the best resources for travel writers on the net.

Travelwriter Marketletter -

Monthly newsletter for those in the competitive field of travel writing.

Freelance Travel Writing -

Learn how to create compelling travel writing features. Free newsletter with tips and travel markets.

Media Kitty -

Online information exchange uniting top working journalists and PR professionals in travel and tourism worldwide.

Australian Society of Travel Writers -

Information and member details of the Australian Society of Travel Writers

Travel Info Exchange -

All about travel information: how to get it, judge its quality, price it, write it, picture it, design it, update it, and communicate it to travelers. How to write a travel guide, resources and an email discussion.

Travel Media Association of Canada -

A professional, membership-based, non-profit organization of travel writers, broadcasters and industry personnel.

Travel Writing Tips -

Freelance travel writer Flo Conner provides step-by-step tips and articles to turn your 'Treks into Checks'.

Offbeatrips -

Online freelance travel writing course providing tuition in key aspects of freelance travel journalism, encompassing writing, photography, sponsorship and marketing. Australia.

Travel Writing for Fun and Profit -

Travel Writing for Fun and Profit, an article by Phil Philcox.

Philip Greenspun's Travel Writing Career -

"How I got started as a Travel Writer", article by Philip Greenspun.

Adventure Travel Writer -

Editorial advice and how to break into travel writing. Learn about the travel writer's lifestyle.

In Search of Elusive Metaphors -

The Art of Travel Writing. Article by Mark Mardon.

Travelwriters UK -

A resource for professional travel writers and travel editors.

Travellady Magazine -

"Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Travel Writing" article by Madelyn Miller.

00AandEsTravelWriter -

How to make a living as a travel writer. Writing discussions and tips. Finding markets that pay. Small email list.

Wanderlust Writers -

A group for travelers who like to write about their journeys. Post links to your writings about travel.

Travel Writers Sites Ranked by Google

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