Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Tony Wheeler on the Road

Bangkok Train Station by Tony Wheeler

Tony Wheeler may be the world's most successful publisher of travel guidebooks, but he (sometimes) travels like every other poor schmuck in the world, by train, bus, and songtao across the border from Thailand into Cambodia. His recent travel story at the link.

Tony Wheeler: Singapore to Shanghai

Lonely Planet co-founder Tony Wheeler is on his way to a travel conference in Macau. He could just fly there, but where's the adventure in that? He's decided to don his backpack and travel overland from Singapore to Macau, and then head on to Shanghai after the conference.

This trip will be not too fast, not too slow, not too cheap, not too expensive. He's not doing much preplanning: he's got a visa for China already, but he'll sort out travel, hotels and other visas as he goes. He'll try and stop somewhere interesting every night, and schedule in enough time to look around - and to eat well, of course!

Tony Wheeler Travels Singapore to Shanghai

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