Saturday, July 23, 2005

Another Travel Writers Resource

Underemployed Travel Writer and Trained Cat

DMOZ is another one of those contributor-based websites sort of like Wikipedia, but really not in the same league. Their site on travel writing apparently hasn't been updated in ages, and many of the 19 listings are self serving promotions for writers who either write books for prospective travel writers or provide seminars for the same. Proceed with caution.

A few lines of the main page, then the link:

00AandEsTravelWriter - How to make a living as a travel writer. Writing discussions and tips. Finding markets that pay. Small email list.

Adventure Travel Writer - Editorial advice and how to break into travel writing. Learn about the travel writer's lifestyle.

Australian Society of Travel Writers - Information and member details of the Australian Society of Travel Writers

Freelance Travel Writing - Learn how to create compelling travel writing features. Free newsletter with tips and travel markets.

Media Kitty - Online information exchange uniting top working journalists and PR professionals in travel and tourism worldwide.

Offbeatrips - Online freelance travel writing course providing tuition in key aspects of freelance travel journalism, encompassing writing, photography, sponsorship and marketing. Australia.

Philip Greenspun's Travel Writing Career - "How I got started as a Travel Writer", article by Philip Greenspun.

Restless Me Forum - An online forum for travelers and travel writers.

Travel Info Exchange - All about travel information: how to get it, judge its quality, price it, write it, picture it, design it, update it, and communicate it to travelers. How to write a travel guide, resources and an email discussion.

Travel Media Association of Canada - A professional, membership-based, non-profit organization of travel writers, broadcasters and industry personnel.

Travel Writing for Fun and Profit - Travel Writing for Fun and Profit, an article by Phil Philcox.

Travel Writing Tips - Freelance travel writer Flo Conner provides step-by-step tips and articles to turn your 'Treks into Checks'.

Travellady Magazine - "Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Travel Writing" article by Madelyn Miller.

Travelwriter Marketletter - Monthly newsletter for those in the competitive field of travel writing

DMOZ Open Directory Project on Travel Writing

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