Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Fodor's Forum on Biggest Tourist Rip-Offs

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What's the biggest tourist rip-off that you have ever experienced?

Author: garyt22

Date: 09/19/2004, 10:56 pm

Message: Just wondering... we just paid $160 for our family of four to just "walk around" the Polynesian Cultural Center... seemed pretty steep for what we saw... anybody experience a similar rip-off on any of their travels? PS Please don't try to defend the PCC... i was there.

Author: Ryan

Date: 09/20/2004, 08:23 am

Message: With a volunteer organization here in NYC, I took a group of kids on the NBC studio tour a few years ago. It was expensive and about the only thing visually interesting was a short film on NBC. But, for what they charged it really was underwhelming.

The other was the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The home of the Singapore Sling now sells them premade in souvenier glasses.

Author: Jayne1973

Date: 09/20/2004, 09:01 am

Message: Meteor Crater, Arizona

Spent about $60 for our family to go stare at the big hole for a few minutes. We are intersted in that type of thing, but for us it was just an overpriced pit stop.

Author: DonnaD44

Date: 09/20/2004, 12:24 pm

Message: Disneyworld! Sorry fans, but I just loathe the place.

Author: Dreamer2

Date: 09/20/2004, 12:33 pm

Message: While I do love Disney World, we took our first trip to Calif last April and went to Calif Adventure at Disney Land. It was so crowded, I actually got on only 2 rides the entire day - even with FastPass and our family riding as "singles!" (Kids and Dad did a couple more, but I designated myself as the FastPass line-waiter.) Plus we had a pretty horrendous lunch at the Vineyard style restaurant. Pretty expensive day for a family of four, with very little "return on investment."

I'm also always amazed at the lines waiting to get into the "Witch House" in Salem, MA. It's a fine historic home, but really nothing to do with "witches" except that it was owned by one of the Judges of the trials. Very boring tour of antiques, more suited to historians than kids. None of that "living history" stuff the younger generation is accustomed to. The Witch Museum, however, does give a historic presentation with low-tech theatrics. I do enjoy that and the Hawthorne House of 7 Gables - for those of you heading to Salem next month!

Fodor's Forum on Biggest Tourist Rip-Offs

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